Chemical Food as an Addiction and food consumption

Chemical Food

So Chemical Food and rules have emerged recently regarding food consumption that many people, discouraged, revert to their habitual, unconscious and unnatural eating habits. As in all other areas of life, my approach to eating is avoiding too many little rules and following some simple general principles that seem logical to me. One of the […]

Chemical Dependency Problem and take painkillers every blue moon


Chemical Dependency noticed, several celebrities are dying too young recently, and that speaks volumes for how society has become chemically dependent. It occurs every day in virtually every home and workplace. Observe someone in mild aches or pains and run to the nearest source of pa in relievers to eliminate their symptoms. Is this harmless? […]

Comparing chemical Process and Substance Addictions

chemical process

When people chemical process see or hear about addiction, the first thing that usually comes to mind is alcohol abuse or drug addiction. However, chemical process it is clear that addictive behaviors go well beyond the restricted category of substance abuse. People addicted to gambling or sex are also classified as “drug addicts.” And although […]

Addictions chemical Costly at Work and other addictions

Chemical drugs

Chemical drugs, gambling, and other addictions have a significant and  impact on people’s lives at home and in the workplace. And according to the Council on Addictions . And Obsessive Disorders, the top five addictions are work, food, sex, gambling, and chemical addiction . Because the some of these biological addictions include alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, […]