Drug Addiction and Pregnancy – Harmful Effects Aplenty


A responsible pregnant mother is unlikely to use illegal drugs because she knows it would harm her child. Drug use can ruin your pregnancy, even after birth. This is a very serious issue that all mothers should be aware of because it can ruin the lives of innocent children.

Effects of substance abuse on the mother during pregnancy:

A pregnant mother who is a drug addict may increase her risk of heart and blood infections, anemia, hepatitis, skin infections and other infectious diseases and disorders. There is also an increased risk of sexually transmitted diseases. Other effects of substance abuse can be difficulty sleeping at night, poor appetite, decision making can be difficult, water can break prematurely, sudden bleeding and premature birth.

Effects of substance abuse on the mother after pregnancy:

After pregnancy, the mother may have difficulty coping with a newborn baby, as simple as feeding and changing diapers. When it comes to breastfeeding, the content of the drug can change the normal formulation of milk, which can be detrimental to the baby’s health when taken. It can be difficult to cope with a newborn baby because the mother is already addicted to the drug, which in turn affects the mother’s behavior. You would have a hard time making decisions, bonding with your child or even getting or keeping your job.

Effects of substance abuse on the baby during pregnancy:

When medicine is taken, it can pass into the placenta, an organ in the body that nourishes the baby. Most of the time, it can have a toxic and toxic effect on the baby, and sometimes the addiction can be transmitted to the baby. Another effect would be an abnormal formation of the baby in the womb.

Effects of substance abuse on the child after birth:

After the baby is born, there may be an increased risk of birth defects, but developmental and birth problems later in the baby’s life. This also includes being addicted to drugs. Other effects of the mother’s substance abuse on the baby can be low birth weight, abnormal physical appearance, premature birth or miscarriage, mental retardation, fetal alcohol syndrome or effect, heart problems and even death. Once the baby is born, the chances of the baby becoming addicted to the drug are high and the baby may have difficulty with it without it. This can eventually cause the child to develop addiction.

Drugs and their effects

Heroin and cocaine:

These drugs are addictive and unborn babies are more likely to become addictive. This also leads to a high risk of premature birth, stillbirth, low birth weight, low blood sugar and even the death of the baby. Symptoms may also include diarrhea, hyperactivity, fever, seizures, sleep abnormalities, and breathing problems. Heroin and cocaine affect the child’s development and behavior and have the effect that they have mental retardation, altered perception, motor and organizational skills.


This drug can greatly cause miscarriages and premature birth. Babies can develop abnormally at birth and cause brain damage, inflexibility and poor muscle control and physical deformities. The child may grow up with behavioral problems as they move on with life.


The most common methamphetamines are Ecstasy, Speed ​​and Crystal Meth. In general, methamphetamine during pregnancy creates a greater chance of increased heart rate for both the fetus and the mother. The fetus will suffer from oxygen deficiency that can lead to miscarriage, premature birth and low birth weight. Babies can also become addicted to this drug and will experience withdrawal symptoms as they get older. The brain formation of the fetus is affected and can cause learning difficulties later.


Marijuana can seem harmless because, unlike other drugs, it can only be used by smoking. But this belief is so wrong. The chemicals and substances in marijuana, like any other drug, pass through the mother’s bloodstream and through the placenta. Like smoking a cigarette, it prevents the child from getting enough oxygen for normal growth. Like other drugs, this can cause behavioral problems as the baby grows, miscarriages, low birth weight and premature birth.


It is never too late for pregnant mothers who have used drugs to change and save themselves and their babies. Mothers who have taken drugs should strictly stop them during per

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