How Does Drug Addiction Happen?

Drug Addiction

Unless you have experienced it yourself, it is difficult to understand how drug or Drug Addiction can occur. Many people promote the misconception that all an addict or alcoholic has to do is stop drinking or using drugs. However, it is never that simple, and even the strongest people with incredible willpower. Have not been able to stop using even when their lives collapse around them. Drug abuse can happen to anyone with any social background. The first share of helping a precious one get addiction action is to make an setting of sympathetic.

Physical pain for self-medication Drug Addiction

Persons use medications or beverage for numerous dissimilar details. Some can be feelings of insecurity, social anxiety, stress or even physical pain for self-medication. Others may use it recreationally or as a result of pressure from friends or family. Whatever the reasons, anyone who uses a drug can easily become addicted under the right (or wrong) circumstances. This is because addiction is both a physical and a mental illness that is cause by only one thing. Repeated drug use or drinking.


The first stage of substance abuse is tolerance. As a substance is constantly introduce into the body. The central nervous system will make changes to mitigate the effect of the substance. This develops a tolerance where the user needs more of the drug to achieve the same effect. i.e. to get high. This tolerance only exacerbate the problem because more of the substance is now being introduce into the system.

physical dependence Drug Addiction

Tolerance always leads to physical dependence. Physical dependence occurs when a substance has been in the body steadily for so long that changes made by the CNS become semi-permanent. This means that the body only functions normally when the substance is in the system. When the substance is suddenly reduce or retain from the body. The central nervous system must make drastic changes to adapt. This is recognize as removal or detoxify condition. And in approximately bags it can be deadly to halt by means of a drug or liquor. For this reason, detoxification should always occur in a medically equipped facility when a person has gone beyond tolerance for physical dependence and dependence.


True addiction constitutes physical addiction along with a complete set of physical. Emotional and mental problems and conditions that can be extremely debilitating. In general, once physical dependence is establish, true dependence is differentiate by the appearance of three behaviors;

three behaviors Drug Addiction

Lost control. Addicts show lost control over substance abuse or drinking.


Occupation. Drug addicts constantly obsess, think, plan, and talk about drugs and drug use.


Continuation despite the consequences. Even with the loss of loved ones. careers, financial difficulties and problems with the law A drug addict will often continue to use despite these serious consequences.






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