How Drug Addiction Develops


As they say, a journey of a thousand miles often begins with a single step. An addiction can develop from a single shot of heroin or from smoking a joint. Most drug users never know when they will cross the line of common use to satisfy their desire to live with a drug addiction. While drugs affect people differently, the results of substance abuse are more or less the same.

Addiction is one of the complex health disorders and is characterized by common drug use. Different substances will cause different effects on the physical body. The common effect of substance abuse is that repeated drug use can change the way your brain looks and functions. One thing the drugs will do is lower the levels of dopamine, a solid hormone in the brain. This develops feelings of joy that the brain remembers and repeats when needed.

Continuous consumption of drug substances causes the drug to become significant in an addict’s body, and the body requires it to survive. Someone knows that they are addicted when they begin to crave a substance or substances in the same way or more than the way a person longs for food or water. The drug slowly begins to dominate the person and in unfavorable stages an addict begins to value it more than anything else in his life, including friends, family, health and even happiness.

The more they take the drug, the more their brain is disturbed. The results are seen when your ability to think clearly deteriorates. At this point, a person cannot exercise good judgment. They lose self-control and do not feel normal without taking drugs. Whether it is smoking, snoring, injecting drugs or whatever, addicts develop an uncontrollable craving for the drug. It is at this point that the drug becomes their domain and the person can do nothing to control the amount they need and take.

When experimenting with drugs, everyone should be aware of the long-term effects. The amount and frequency of substance abuse may not lead to substance abuse, but there are other substance-related problems. It is advisable to avoid these problems well in advance and whenever possible. The longer someone continues to use drugs, the harder it becomes to kick the habit.

Regardless of the reason why a person takes a drug, whether they just want it well or the drug meets a valuable need, the person must be careful not to abuse drugs. Anyone who uses a drug in excess becomes addicted very quickly.

Despite all the problems associated with substance abuse and substance abuse, there is good news as addicts can seek appropriate treatment and emotional support to help curb the effects of substance abuse and restore control over your life. It all starts when that addict admits he has a problem and gives people around him the opportunity to give him the encouragement he needs to recover.



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