Behavioral addiction system for measuring recovery abuse

Drug Addiction Recovery

As I climbed 15 meters up a wooden ladder to the top of an old behavioral addiction system platform, next to this wall of leather-gray meat. I caught a good smell of fresh animal mills that immediately cleared my sinuses. Trying to hide my fear of my wife with a poker face and feeling a […]

Behavioral addiction mindfulness recovery

Behavioral addiction mindfulness

A new way of understanding behavioral addiction mindfulness the following wording. While greatly simplify in many respects, is intend to help provide a rough initial outline for understanding. How basic mindfulness offers a highly effective way of deconstructing the brain / mind makeup that underlies all behavioral addiction mindfulness. Behavioral addiction mindfulness creatures Like all […]

Need Help With Porn Addiction?

porn Addiction

If you suffer from porn addiction or know someone who does, you can understand that they. Like any behavioral addiction, such as gambling addiction, etc., are not that easy to break with simple willpower. Do not reject willpower as an important aspect of recovery. But help for porn addiction should start with the root causes […]

3 Addiction Lies Exposed

Addiction Lies

Addiction is fraught with denial, obsessive thinking, and compulsive behavior. Along the way, the loss Addiction Lies of control is note, and the self-perception of control influence decision-making.   When your desire or need for alcohol or drugs is so strong that you can not get another answer to use what is happening is deception. […]

Identifying Signs and Symptoms of Behavioral Addiction

Symptoms of Addiction

There are many different types of addiction, including addiction to drugs Symptoms of Addiction such as drugs and alcohol, addiction to behaviors, such as eating and more. People become addicted to drugs and behaviors as a way to escape pain, but eventually find that their addiction only complicates their lives and exacerbates the pain. This […]

Addictive cycle Behaviors like gambling and drug abuse like drugs, alcohol

Addictive cycle Behavior

In Addictive cycle Behavior author W.R. Miller tells us that people can become addicted, hooked or obsessed with any substance and object, activity, or habit that brings them pleasure. And  We have substance abuse and behavior abuse.   According to Wikipedia and I estimate, “Addictive behavior is any activity, substance, object or behavior People often […]

The Escapist Behavior and Video Game Addiction

Escapist Behavior

Video game Escapist Behavior addicts display a very common behavior that is also present in other behavioral addicts: escapist behavior. Playing video games is a way to find a temporary escape or refuge from the real world. Video players travel to a whole new dimension away from the pressures, demands and complexities of real life. […]

Relapse Prevention addictions for Recovering Sex Addicts

Relapse prevention addictions

Relapse prevention addictions in sexual recovery is a reality. While all addictions are prone to relapse, it is the sexual recovery society that suffers the most from the demoralization of repeated relapses. After all, we can live without being around alcohol or drugs, but our sexuality is always present. Because ours is a serialized culture, […]

Pathological addictions eating Disorders and Poly-Behavioral Addiction

Pathological addictions eating

Pathological addictions eating disorders and their related diseases now affect more people around the world than malnutrition, some experts in the medical field now assume that the world’s biggest health problem is no extended because the heart disease or cancer. But obesity. According to the World Health Society (June 2005), “Fatness has reached and the […]

Addictions planned Recovery Measurement System

Addictions planned

Addictions planned I climbed 15 feet up a wooden ladder to the top of an old platform, next to this wall of leather gray meat, I caught a good scent of fresh animal mills that immediately cleared my sinuses. And Trying to hide my fear of my wife with a poker face and feeling a […]